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Wedding FAQ’s

1. What is the amount required for a deposit?
The initial deposit is 20% of your subtotal for a wedding ceremony and/or reception at Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel. This is due along with your signed contract before your date is considered “definite.” All deposits are non-refundable.

2. What is a “Food and Beverage Minimum”?
This is the minimum you are responsible for spending in Food and Beverage for your wedding reception. It is determined by many factors, including ballroom size, date of function, time, etc. This minimum includes all food and beverage charges prior to service charge and sales tax. If the total food and beverage for your function ends up being less than the expected minimum, the balance to meet this minimum will be charged as a facility fee for use of the ballroom.

3. How much is the hotel’s service charge and tax?
Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel’s service charge is currently 20%, while the sales tax is currently 7.75%.

4. What is the “guaranteed guest count” and when is it due?
A “guaranteed guest count” is the amount of people you expect to attend your wedding ceremony and/or reception. This is due three (3) business days prior to your wedding day by 12 PM. For example, if your wedding is on a Saturday, your due date would be the Wednesday before your wedding. Once you have guaranteed a specific number, that number cannot be decreased, but it may be increased (upon approval from your Catering Manager). If a guarantee isn’t given, then the tentative number on the food and beverage contract (BEO) will be considered the guarantee for the event.

5. Who provides the wedding coordination?
While wedding coordination services are not provided by the hotel, your Catering Representative will guide you through the planning of your event’s details, such as menu selection, room setup, etc. On the day of your wedding event, a Banquet Manager will be available to make sure your event flows smoothly. A wedding coordinator can assist you with all your wedding’s fine points, such as vendor selection, décor, creating a wedding day timeline, etc. as well as providing coordination during the rehearsal, wedding ceremony and reception. The day of your wedding, your wedding coordinator will bring together all the individual details to ensure your wedding vision becomes a reality. Should you decide to hire someone to coordinate your special day, please refer to our suggested wedding vendors list for wedding and event planners.

6. Does Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel handle the cake, flowers, photography, and entertainment?
At Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, we feel that these types of services are unique to your personal style; therefore, we do not provide these services. We are happy to provide you with a list of recommended vendors that the hotel has a good working relationship with. Please see our suggested wedding vendors list for more information on these wedding professionals. You are more than welcome to choose your own wedding vendors; however, please note the following policies: 1) If you decide to hire a wedding coordinator, you must choose from our pre-approved list; 2) Your wedding cake is included in the Wedding Package. You will need to choose from one of the bakeries included on our suggested wedding vendors list.

7. Does Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel provide stemware, china, flatware, table and chair set-up for our wedding reception?
Yes. At Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, we provide and set up the above items at no extra cost to you. We also provide our house linens at no extra cost to you (see your Catering Managers for options).

8. How much time can we have to set up and decorate the room?
At the time you reserve your wedding date with the hotel, we guarantee you a two-hour set-up time prior to the start time of your Ceremony and Reception. However, based on availability, the hotel may be able to allow additional set-up time upon approval from your Catering Manager. (No earlier than two (2) weeks prior to your wedding date.)

9. What can we use to decorate the ceremony and reception areas?
Your wedding decorations must be approved by your Catering Manager prior to the wedding day. Items may not be attached to the gazebo, walls, floors, windows, or ceiling with nails, staples, tape or any other product that may cause damage to fixtures, walls, furnishings, etc. Glitter, rice, and smoke effects are not permitted. You may provide candles, but they must be enclosed in glass, as fire codes do not permit open flame candles.

10. Can we bring our own wine or liquor?
If you wish, Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel will allow you to provide your own wine and/or champagne for service with dinner. A corkage fee of $15.00++ per bottle will be charged. Please advise your Catering Manager if you wish to bring in wine or champagne. Due to our liquor license, liquor may only be purchased through the hotel. Outside alcohol, with the exception of approved wine and/or champagne, is not permitted.


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