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Chef Raul

Conductor of all things tastefully amazing.

The man wielding the baton in the kitchen has a reputation for whipping up a steady serving of meals that are fresh and creative. As Chef Raul sees things, his role in consistently coming up with spreads that are tasteful, masterful, and in line with what his audience appreciates is a key ingredient in creating a successful meeting. Bon appétit!

 Groups & Meeting Menus

The cuisine and service from Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is nothing short of exceptional whether you are looking for plated, buffet, or any other style.  Looking for a specialty theme? We’ve got you covered. From table side magic shows, to Mickey Mouse sushi rolls, to dining under the stars, we can design a meal that will impress. Or feel free to browse our current menu for inspiration. Order off the menu or personalize to match your group’s  taste buds.

Complementing your event with dining that’s equally impressive is critical to us and is an ever-evolving art. So, please contact us to discuss the best ways to enjoy those culinary delights that will elevate your meeting and satisfy your guests.