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Picture Yourself Here: Anaheim Hotel Photo Gallery

Ready for a dose of enchantment? Picture yourself strolling through the enchanting Anaheim castle hotel, where each step brings you closer to the magic! Let your imagination wander as you browse through our Anaheim hotel photo gallery; every picture is a glimpse into the fairy tale waiting for you at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel! […]

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel Wedding Budget Breakdown

Planning a wedding? Congratulations! Amidst the excitement, there’s no denying the whirlwind of ideas and questions, especially when it comes to wedding day budgets. “How much do weddings cost?” is one of the most asked questions we get here at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel!  Let us guide you through some of the most pressing […]

Navigating Downtown Disney® Like a Local

Everyone will find something to love in the Downtown Disney® District at Disneyland® Resort! Visitors from across the globe and Anaheim locals from just up the street visit time and time again, and for good reason! It’s genuinely one of the best Anaheim attractions, and our team is full of tips and ideas for making […]

7 Ways to Make Your Meeting Stand Out in 2024

The event planning industry is a buzz with the latest trends and advice for meetings in 2024 and beyond! Ready to join the conversation and explore how you can make your meetings truly shine in this dynamic landscape? We’ve got you covered. Our seasoned event planning team brings decades of collective experience, keeping a watchful […]

8 Anaheim Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss in 2024

Ditch the ordinary and dive into the excitement of Anaheim, nestled in the heart of Southern California!  Anaheim beckons with a vibrant energy and a kaleidoscope of attractions and experiences that extend even beyond the magic of Disneyland® Resort! 2024 is set to be the ultimate year to explore our city’s vibrant scene. Plan your […]

13 Unexpectedly Romantic Date Ideas in Anaheim

If you are searching for romantic date ideas to sweep your special someone off their feet and you’re tired of the same old boring date nights, Anaheim is the place to be! We certainly have our fair share of romantic restaurants here in Southern California, but check out these date ideas to really up your […]

2024 Wedding Planning Tips: Navigating our 5 Favorite Trends

Did you get engaged this holiday season, or do you have a sneaking suspicion that someone is about to pop the question? Congratulations! 2024 is going to be an incredible year to get married.

What Does it Mean to be a Disneyland® Good Neighbor Hotel?

Disneyland® Resort and all Disney destinations are renowned for their unwavering dedication to creating magical and impressive experiences for every guest, every time. They consistently set the bar high. Each element adheres to an exceptional set of standards, from their theme parks, films, and attractions to their meticulously curated products, stores, and hotels. Their drive […]

Unlocking the Holiday Magic: Insider Travel Tips and Anaheim’s Must-See Sights

  The holiday season is quickly approaching, and if creating moments of magic and togetherness are important to you this season, there’s no better holiday destination than Anaheim, CA! Southern California is magical year-round, but the holidays bring out something extraordinary here. If you’re considering an Anaheim getaway this holiday season, let us help you […]

Disneyland® Resort’s Nostalgic Secrets Await

Step into the heart of Disneyland® Resort, where time stands still, and cherished memories are preserved. In today’s world marked by hurry and stress, the park’s magic prevails as a timeless sanctuary of childlike wonder and fun!  It’s a treasure trove of cherished memories, forgotten stories, and hidden treasures from the past. Let’s lean into […]