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Disneyland has specific rules about costumes in the park. It’s fine for kids, but not for adults unless you have a golden ticket to Mickey’s Halloween Party, now officially sold out for 2017. But the rest of the year, only kids under 14 can enter the parks in costume. This restriction has given birth to a whole new way for adult Disney devotees to wear their Disney character hearts on their sleeves – Disneybounding.

The official term comes from a Tumblr account Disneybound created by blogger Leslie Kay. The feed offers suggestions for putting together fashion reminiscent of a Disney® character but in regular attire. A red polka dot dress with bright yellow sandals, white pants and bright blue motto jacket finished off with yellow Keds for Donald Duck. Are you getting the idea? From the seven dwarfs to Moana, there are suggestions for all kinds of outfits. You can find more on Kay’s Instagram account @leslieakay.

What started as an underground movement among Disneyphiles is gaining more public notice with stories appearing in online magazines like Popsugar and in mainstream media like Travel + Leisure.

Extend October costume fun throughout the year next time you’re “Disney bound.”

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