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Looking for an easy way to cultivate a better corporate culture, connect with your team, and spice things up at the office? If so, you should consider taking your next meeting or event off-site. There are more than a few benefits to getting out of the office and utilizing a different location. In fact, it may be the best thing you ever do for your company, team, or organization.

1. Fosters closer team relationships.

Have you ever been on a road trip or family vacation and come back with all kinds of stories, inside jokes, and “remember when…” memories? Despite seeing family or friends every day, getting out of your normal routine and going on an “adventure” helps you to grow even closer as a unit. While taking your team meeting or event off-site isn’t quite the same as going on a fun getaway, the same idea applies. Breaking free of the confines of your typical office setting allows your team to relax, be a little more open, and make memories together, which leads to closer relationships.

2. Increases creativity & new ideas

Getting out of the norm is also good for creativity. If you normally have your meetings in the same location, spicing things up and moving to a new spot can spark all kinds of new ideas. Even simple things like colors, smells, and decor can make all the difference when it comes to getting those creative juices flowing. You never know what a fresh perspective could lead to for your company.

3. Improves company morale

New ideas, increased productivity, and closer relationships with coworkers and teammates are all a step in the right direction when it comes to improving morale and fostering a good company culture. Numerous reports have show than happy employees are more productive, have less health issues, and make more money — so good morale is critical. Getting out of the office and connecting more deeply with colleagues is sure to generate good vibes and more than a few smiles.  

4. Showcases the importance of the meeting

Important company announcements, training, and events can be a wonderful opportunity to go above and beyond. Big news and celebratory events call for a little fanfare, right? Doing something a little different — like going off-site — can immediately showcase how special or significant the meeting is. Rather than daydreaming and thinking about all their other daily tasks, people will naturally be more focused, engaged, and invested in the topic at hand.

5. Additional space and amenities

While your work space may be just fine for day-to-day work, not every office space is equipped to handle large meetings, training sessions, and company events. If you’re lacking the necessary A/V equipment, or your office is just too small to handle big gatherings, going off-site may be a necessity. Even if you may have the space, equipment, and supplies, having someone else take care of set up, cleaning, and providing refreshments can take a lot off your plate, allowing you and your team to put all your attention and energy into making your meeting or event a success.

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