25 Incredible Corporate Event Ideas for 2023

Incredible Corporate Event Ideas for 2022

As hard as you and your team work, you all deserve to take some time and relax a bit with one another. Corporate events are the way to go to get everyone together in 2023! From company retreats and conferences to picnics and team-building events, there are endless corporate event ideas to help you reconnect and re-engage your team.! Work is going to get a lot more fun with these 25 corporate event ideas that you could host at or around our Anaheim hotel!

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1. Brunch

Corporate event ideas - brunch















Treat your team to brunch to get their creative juices flowing! You could either follow your meal up with a company strategy meeting after or just send them back to work with their bellies full! The catering staff at Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel would love to work with you to craft the perfect brunch menu for a crowd and host your group!

2. Karaoke

Corporate event ideas - karaoke















We know that karaoke may not be for everyone, but it’s a great bonding experience and ensures funny memories for years to come! Plus, who knows, maybe someone on your team has an impressive singing voice just waiting to be discovered. When planning an event from Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, you can transform one of our event spaces into your personal karaoke lounge or search for “karaoke near me” while you’re here to find a local hot spot!

3. Sushi-Making Class

Corporate event ideas - sushi-making class















Did you know that Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is home to Hanagi, the best Japanese restaurant in Anaheim? It’s true! Chef Hiro is ready to take you on a unique food adventure, and we’re happy to set up a private sushi-making class for your group!

4. Outdoor Movie Night

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Take advantage of the incredible southern California weather by organizing an outdoor movie night for your team! We’ll set up the Rose Garden with popcorn, movie snacks, and drinks to create a one-of-a-kind movie night experience for your attendees!

5. Magic and Wine Tasting Night

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David Minkin, the star of the Travel Channel show, Magic Outlaws, and the International Champion of Close Up Magic calls Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel home sweet magical home! We can arrange for your group to be amazed at a Magic and Wine-Tasting night right here at the hotel!

6. Yoga Class

Corporate event idea - yoga class















Plan a corporate event that stretches your team, mentally and physically, by incorporating a private yoga session into the mix! Our yoga instructor is available to host an invigorating mid-meeting stretch or personal yoga sessions for your group!

7. Bowling

Corporate event idea - bowling















Nothing says team bonding like loud bowling lanes with pins crashing against each other and bowling shoes that perfectly complete any outfit. Eat some food, buy some drinks, and laugh with each other if you need to put up the bumpers. Splitsville Luxury Lanes is just up the street in the Downtown Disney District and Bowlero Anaheim is just down the block at the Anaheim GardenWalk!

8. Family-Oriented Activities

Corporate event idea - family activities















Get the whole family involved by extending the invitation to your employees’ families as well! Set aside some time to meet and get the work done, but incorporate their loved ones into the itinerary too for a workcation that’s sure to keep everyone engaged and excited!

9. Explore Disneyland® Resort

Corporate event idea - explore disneyland resort













There’s truly something for everyone at  Disneyland® Resort, take advantage of Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel’s convenient location and free shuttle to create some magic at your next corporate event!

10. Bond Over Brews

Corporate event idea - bond over brews















Professional workshop during the day, bond over brews at night. Sounds like a great corporate event to us! Host your meeting activities at Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel, then explore the many breweries around town, including Brewery X, Brewheim, and Golden Road Brewing Anaheim.

11. Food Tours

Corporate event idea - food tours















This one already has us excited! Anaheim is a foodie’s dream location, and Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is the center of it all! Whether you want to get out on the town and explore the local cuisine or work with our on-site catering staff to prepare a specialized feast right here at the hotel, we can help you treat your team to a feast for your next gathering! Be sure to check out The Ultimate Foodie Tour of Anaheim, CA.

12. S’mores and Fireworks

Corporate event idea - s'mores and fireworks















Kick off or end your next corporate event with a bang at Majestic Garden Hotel! Picture your team out in front of our castle hotel making the best s’mores and watching an Instagram-worthy firework show! We’re here to make your event the best ever, and will light up the sky to make it happen for you!

13. Game Night

Corporate event idea - game night















After a long day of brainstorming for your business or learning something new, help your team unwind by hosting a game night! Deck out one of our on-site meeting rooms with your game night theme, or just keep it casual out by the pool with your favorite games!

14. Sporting Event

Corporate event idea - sporting event















Get your competitive spirit going by bringing the team together at a sporting event! Games are a great way for your team to bond while also watching teamwork in action. Right here in Anaheim, we have the Los Angeles Angels and Anaheim Ducks, the Honda Center, and incredible college teams, too, but there are tons of California teams within an easy drive of our hotel, there’s something for everyone!

15. Friendly Sports Competition

Corporate event idea - sports competition















If just watching the game isn’t enough for you, challenge your team to a little friendly competition! Here in Anaheim, we’ve got the K1 Speed Indoor Go-Kart track, the SilverLakes Equestrian and Sports Park, and plenty of parks and other venues for a friendly game of your own!

16. Team Olympics

Corporate event ideas - team olympics















What’s better than a quick game? An all-out Olympic-style tournament! Think about your team and incorporate something everyone will enjoy into a multi-day event! We have 20,000 square feet of flexible meeting space to accommodate whatever fun events and activities you come up with for your group!

17. Escape Room

Corporate event idea - escape room















You and your team can schedule your team building activity at an actual escape room in Anaheim, or you could get creative and create a DIY escape room in one of our conference rooms. If you choose to go to an actual escape room, Mission Escape Games and Cross Roads Escape Games are great options to check out.

18. Rage Room

Corporate event idea - rage room















While we do not recommend hosting a rage room in one of our conference rooms, Anaheim does have rage rooms for your team to release some pent-up stress! Brainy Actz Escape Rooms provides a “smashing” experience for all.

19. Paint Night

Corporate event idea - paint night















Get your creative juices flowing with a paint night for you and your team! You’ll be able to see everyone’s unique styles and interests while enjoying time talking and relaxing. Our corporate event facilities are diverse enough to host your group of any size, with plenty of room for your art supplies!

20. Scavenger Hunt

Corporate event idea - scavenger hunt















Put your thinking caps on and host a team scavenger hunt! This is a great opportunity for you and your team to get together and tour the city for a reward at the end. We’re happy to help you organize something incredible for your team!

21. Volunteer

Corporate event idea - volunteer














What better way to bring people together than to team up to give back! Simple ideas like a beach clean-up here in Anaheim are always appreciated. You could also think a little bigger and invite students in your industry to a mentoring workshop in one of our event spaces or come up with other ways your team can come together and help out a cause.

22. Professional Development Workshop

Corporate event idea - professional development workshop















On a more serious note, a professional development workshop will always be a solid investment in your team and a great way to bring the team together.

23. Hiking Trail

Corporate event idea - hiking















If you’re thinking of hosting an extended corporate event, consider taking the team out for a fun hike one of those days to relax and take in some fresh air. Anaheim has many great hiking trails for you to explore!

24. Virtual Reality Team-Building

Corporate event idea - virtual reality















Virtual reality team-building is a great corporate event idea for 2023. It is a new and exciting way to bring employees together and promote teamwork. Virtual reality allows employees to work together in a virtual environment, solving problems and completing tasks as a team. This is a great way to build communication and problem-solving skills, and it is sure to be fun and engaging for all employees!

25. Host a Corporate Retreat at Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel meeting room















Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel is the perfect place to host your corporate retreat! Our magical hotel offers everything you need to relax and focus on your business goals. You’ll enjoy a variety of hotel amenities, including 20,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, a variety of on-site dining options, and plenty of leisure activities. Plus, you’ll be just minutes from Disneyland® Resort and other popular attractions in Anaheim!

Corporate events don’t have to be stuffy or boring. In fact, they can be a lot of fun and a great way for your team to bond. If you’re looking for some new ideas for your 2023 corporate events, we’ve got you covered. Request a proposal from Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel today and let us help you plan an event that your team will love!

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