The 10 Best Rides At Disneyland® Resort

Amusement park ride

Whether planning your first vacation to Disneyland® Resort or you’ve lost count of your visits, deciding which rides to stop at first is always a fun part of the planning process! We talked to the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel team to see which Disneyland® Resort rides currently hold the #1 spot for them. Check out our list of favorites, and let us know which rides or attractions top your list!

Not all rides could be operating at the time of your visit. Check the Disneyland® Resort website to see the status of the attractions you want to experience.  

1. Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance

Have you loved Star Wars all your life? If you have, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a must-see on your Disneyland® Resort Vacation! Use plant-obliterating lasers and see and help all your favorite Star Wars characters throughout the 15-plus-minute ride. You’ll have a detailed story throughout the ride, making you feel like you’re part of the Star Wars universe! Try not to watch spoilers before this ride – there are so many surprises! 

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge 

2. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Another team favorite for its storytelling elements is the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride! You’ll hear some of your favorite songs and sounds from the movies, and it has spectacular sights you won’t want to miss as you float along the water. A mansion patio with a realistic night sky and an engaging ship battle will make you feel like you entered the movies themselves. You won’t want to miss this ship as it sets sail! 

Location: New Orleans Square

3. Haunted Mansion

If you want to get spooked on your Disneyland® adventure, you must check out the Haunted Mansion! Everything on this ride will keep you on edge since you won’t know what will come to life next. As Anaheim locals who get to experience the park all year long, it’s hard to beat the original mansion, but if you’re visiting during the holidays, you’ll love the Nightmare Before Christmas makeover that the Haunted Mansion transforms into!

Location: New Orleans Square

4. Space Mountain

Take off like a rocket to get in line for Space Mountain! Disneyland® Park visitors will line up for hours to get on this ride, and for good reason. The music will build up tension as your rocket prepares for takeoff and soon…blastoff! It’ll seem like the ride picks up speed as you go through light-up tunnels and are surrounded by the stars, soaring through space at lightening fast speeds. Make sure you don’t miss out on this ride during your visit! 

Location: Tomorrowland

5. Radiator Springs Racers

This ride will boost your adrenaline as you race through Radiator Springs and along Route 66. It’s a fast favorite for our team! The ride is split into three parts: a relaxing drive, a meet-and-greet with the Cars characters, and a fast-paced race! The lines during this ride can get long, so feel free to break up into single-rider lines that can get you into the cars faster. Your party might get split up, but sometimes you can end up in the same car. 

Location: Cars Land

6. Splash Mountain

With a name like Splash Mountain, prepare to get a little (or a lot) wet! Hop into a log that will guide you through an adventure of woodland creatures and beautiful outdoor scenery. Dive into a tunnel along the ride to meet some cheerful critters that will sing you some songs along the way. Things will get a little dark and will have some unexpected twists and turns, so be prepared! 

Splash Mountain is scheduled for a Princess and the Frog makeover in 2024. 

Location: Critter Country

7. Guardians Of The Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

If you love the Guardians of the Galaxy team, you will love Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! Experience unexpected drops throughout the ride as Rocket guides you through the former Tower of Terror. Attempt to rescue the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy team throughout the ride! 

Location: Hollywood Land

8. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Make the jump to light speed as you sit in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon! Even if you aren’t in the front seat during this ride, you’ll still be able to experience it to the fullest and can help to fight your enemies. Push the buttons near your seat to protect you and your crew as you soar through space and restore the ship’s shields. If you don’t find success in fighting your enemies and can’t protect the Millennium Falcon, you’ll be playfully called out by the cast members. Hop back in line to try to successfully defeat your enemies again, and again. 

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

9. Soarin’ Around The World

Take a break from the fighting, and adrenaline rushes in a glider that soars around the world. This is truly something only Disneyland® Resort could pull off, so you won’t want to miss this on your visit! Feel the wind in your face and hear the sights and sounds of the locations that you’ll visit – including the Eiffel Tower, Matterhorn, and the Great Wall of China. 

Location: Grizzly Peak

10. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Hop onto a mine train that will take you through caverns and canyons. You’ll race through tight turns and sudden drops that will startle you with how close they are to rock edges and faces. You’ll have to keep up as the mine stops for no one, and the work has to be done! Checking out this exhilarating ride during your Disneyland® Resort vacation is a must, trust us! 

Location: Frontierland

Your adventure at Disneyland®  Resort in Anaheim, California, is waiting for you! The rides at the park will reveal your inner child and bring to life the characters you’ve always loved. Keep the magic alive outside of the park by booking your stay with a Disneyland® Resort Good Neighbor Hotel – Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel! Meet Princess Corrine and enjoy professional culinary cuisine based on kitchens from around the world with in-hotel dining options. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you stay with us for your next trip to Disneyland® Resort!